Cask Aged Classics

" If I can't drink bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven then I shall not go. "

~ Mark Twain


Old favourites, cask aged

Our cask aged cocktails are meticulously aged from 1 to 4 weeks in charred oak barrels.
Carefully monitored we wait for the perfect moment to stop the ageing process.

Each batch is then infused,
before being carefully sealed & refrigerated until the day of your event.

Finally, your cocktail is re-barelled and ready to go!
The best part? It's ready to serve over ice.

Why cask age a cocktail?
The oak is porous, allowing for controlled oxidation of the ingredients which in turn blend in new ways over time, adding depth, character and imparting subtle notes of oak. The process allows us to serve incredible drinks, in seconds rather than minutes.

Bolder, smoother and a little wiser; its old favourites like you've never experienced them.

Order in advance, or enquire for current batch availability.